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Take My Texas Time

Posted by Admin on January 25, 2011

We know that a New York minute is packed with all sorts of excitement and happen faster than any other sort of minute.  Texas time is the exact opposite and is a slow, relaxed, laid back sort of measurement of time although not lacking in a starting or ending point.

Back on April 16, 1994 Journalist Kimberly Johnson of the Wilmington (NC) Morning Star News reported on an outdoor concert by country singer Ronnie McDowell.  The news article reported:

After country singer Ronnie McDowell came onto the field in a red sports car and sung, “I’d make love to you in a New York minute / take my Texas time doing it,” Mr. Smiley went right on swaying and bobbing.  So did 14-year-olds Robyn Norris, Heather Hayes and Serena Stanley.

Idiomation was unable to locate the phrase “take my Texas time” published prior to the release of the Ronnie McDowell song.

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